Solveco Group

BioHospital was aquired by Solveco as the majority sharholder during 2008.

The companies in the Solveco Group are working mainly in the medical field, supplying products and services to the medical industry, laboratories, hospitals and more. We also supply products and solutions for industrial use.

The group´s ambition is to expand both offerings as well as customer base over the next few years by an organic growth and by acquisitions. At present the group consist of the following companies:

Solveco AB

Solveco is a Swedish privately owned company founded in 1994 and situated in the new logistical center, near Arlanda airport, just outside Stockholm. With a history and a legacy that provides a foundation for growth, we are determined to deliver innovative, high quality, cost effective products and services. Our ambition is to grow within our various customer segments and to find synergies with our sister companies.

Our main market is in the Nordic countries but we also serve customers in Estonia, Luxemburg, Singapore and the USA. Our main focus is to produce, sell and distribute chemicals and consumables to the pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, universities, laboratories, manufacturing industries as well as specially formulated products for the cooling/heating industry.We are also able to custom manufacture chemicals in various packaging solutions.

Solveco have an effective organisation consisting of sales, customer support, purchasing, R&D and production facilities. We work closely with local as well as global suppliers / partners and we are certified according to ISO 13485, Production of Medical Devices. We pride ourselves to be flexible and responsive towards our customers and work with continuous improvements programs to become even better.

BioHospital AB

BioHospital, situated in Kopparberg is working as a contract manufacturer of medical equipment since 1982 and is also a major producer for Solveco. BioHospital have adequate production premises of approximately 1200 m² spread over 300 m² clean room areas, additional production space, 230 m², 240 m² office and warehouse 430 m².

We are now only working as a subcontractor, and is fully dedicated to medical technology, where we have years of experience. As a small company in the industry we work in networks and have a very broad interface which makes it easier for us to find rational solutions to specific problems. Customers are mainly in Sweden but also in Denmark, Norway and the United States. Exports account for about 40% of sales. The company is certified according to ISO 13485, Production of Medical Devices.

Helachem Sweden AB

Helachem Sweden AB, is specialised in the geothermal heating market in Sweden and is considered as one of the leading players when it comes to supplying a formulated ethanol carrier fluid for the geothermal heat pump market.

This market has been growing constantly for the last ten to fifteen years. The development of the geothermal heating market is now attracting larger installations as the financials of the investment is very attractive compared to traditional heating sources.

Helachem started its operation in 1996 and also supply ethanol, washer fluid and solvents for industrial use.