Production of medical devices

Preparation and dispensing

We weigh and mix different solutions e.g. ethanol, isopropanol, gels etc. in batches of up to 500 liters and with very high viscosity. Dispensing can be made in volumes from 0.1 to 1000 ml in several automatic lines of which one is especially made for vial dispensing and in other volumes with semi-automatic dispensing pumps. Preparation and dispensing can be done in a normal environment or in clean room class 7 or 8 or in LAF bench Class 5.

Injection molding

In cooperation with other companies, we can provide plastic injection molding in all commercially available technologies and also in graded clean room areas.

3D printer capabilities

Using new technologies like a 3D printer we manufacture tools created in a CAD/CAM software to increase productivity in special customized projects. Naturally we can also produce products/parts in small series if it is commercially viable.


We pack in blister trays, bags in our Multivac packaging machine. We can handle trays from 60x40 mm to 400x400 mm with variable depth in a clean room environment. All post packaging in capsules, cartons and pallet containers is done manually.

Montering på arbetsbord


We can label individual products and all packaging steps with different techniques such as a cliché pressure, inkjet printers, pad printing and laser labels.


BioHospital performs surface treatment with either chemicals or corona and we can offer ultrasonic washing in clean room environment. We also perform welding, gluing and soldering.